Home of the Babatangs

Babatangs are a collection of 5555 fun baby orangutans – stored on the Solana Blockchain - hoping to be adopted by you. Join our team on their journey to adopt these cute friends and help support their endangered ancestors in the real world.

Minting a Babatang is your ticket to the game, game tokens, presale of Mama & Papa Tangs (coming in Q1 2022) and early HODL giveaways.

Come join the Famatang in our fight to take back the Sumatraverse rainforest!


Meet the Tangs

Each Babatang is a randomly generated unique piece of art, with both cosmetic and game attributes. The goal of the Tang is to create a thriving community, an active metaverse with project collaborations, and chances to earn tokens while playing a socially responsible online game.


Each Babatang comes with privileges and HODL giveaways that include:

  • img descriptionToken allocation to be used in Sumatraverse GameFi. Yes a Token is coming.
  • img descriptionPre-sale of Mama & Papa Tangs.
  • img descriptionAttributes for gameplay on dropping your Tang into Sumatraverse.

This will also translate from the metaverse to the physical world, through supporting the orangutans and various charities on the ground that take up the fight of deforestation IRL.

If Babatangs and the above isn’t enough, we will also be giving away some merch to our early FAMATANG HODLers and providing big potential in steering our decision-making polls with community votes in phase 2 and 3.


October 2021
  • Introduce the Babatangs
  • Competitions and Babatang rewards for earlybirds and lucky winners
  • HODLers post-mint giveaway teaser
  • Introduce Mama & Papa
  • Game announced
  • Is it rare? Check out our website's rarity list soon after mint
  • Give back to the Real World - 10% of mint proceeds will go to various verified charities (listed on the Discord)
  • Marketplace listing
  • 10% of mint earnings go into the Community Wallet, as well as 50% of royalties
Q1 2022
  • Merch sent to HODLers
  • Merchandise drop for presale
  • All Artwork for Mama & Papa finalised
  • Orange-paper - Game Architecture & Token outline
  • Mint DAY Mama (Baba Holders Presale)
  • Sumatraverse and Power Up artwork finalised
  • Game economy tested
  • Airdrop tokens (early adopters get %age more, TBC)
Q2 2022
  • Dev & Art team expansion
  • Sumatraverse unveiled
  • Beta game testing, available for early adopters (OGs) and first 500 purchases
    • Leaderboard
    • Giveaways
    • Earnings
  • Buffle Bag release 1
  • Community Polls DAO
Q3 2022
  • Community and Developer team expansion
  • Mission pack 1
  • Buffle Bag release 2
  • Community Polls DAO

Team Tang

BigPapatang – aka talkative Tinytang.

Is our Community manager in charge of all things Famatang. A Solana advocate, SMB & Thugbirdz early holder and crypto enthusiast since Antshares came into his life in 2017. Not a whale yet, but definitely a ‘Smolfish’.

He has travelled the real world creating, making and distributing products to all corners for Amazon, before stepping into the Meta and never leaving. The only time you won’t catch him online is when he’s on safari spotting real life Tangs.

Oh, and an all-round good chap so feel free to drop him a message to say GM!

Tektang – He is Neo in the Tangtrix. An anomly written by himself.

A technology veteran with 20+ years experience building online services, games and installations for brands like BBC, Intel, Visa & LEGO.

Full-stack capable, from systems administration & devops, through to backend, analytics, content management and front-end integration.

Currently optimises Ruby on Rails code for 70+ million users worldwide.

Often found with either a laptop or a guitar in hand.

Soupatang – really dislikes soup, prefers a banana.

An established business management professional, with experience in the Swiss financial sector, running SMEs, and managing teams of various size and capabilities, we can't think of a safer pair of hands to ensure we are all pulling in the right direction and money is managed to ensure we can reach our goal in flexing the meta.

The teammember creatives usually don’t like, he is oddly the most social and friendly team member. And as our captain he keeps us steered true, and as our Famatang grows, you will see this too through our Community Polls, Discord engagement and our soon to be success!!!

He even has the occasional GEM of an idea – Like Babatangs...yep, all him!

YdraTangs – Mr I draw Tangs...

Yep that’s all it means! Is the artist behind each Babatang and its assets. A creator that has been designing and developing both physical and digital creations for 16 years. Having created some of the first AR experiences, including the first ever multiplayer AR game (2011) and AR experiences featured at the Olympics and at the largest LEGO events.

Today LCPLuke can be summed up as a pixel artist for the real and meta world, both in 3D and 2D. LCP stands for LEGO® CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL, as Luke is 1 of only 20 professionally recognised artists in the world that can build with LEGO bricks (We don’t believe him either, but check out the LEGO website for evidence). He curates his own collections, tackles clients such as Toyota, VW, F1, Adidas, Nintendo, Disney and the like..

Oh, and of course we can see Babatang in LEGO bricks coming to Merch soon, shhhh!!!!


A strategic play-to-earn game set in the rainforests of Sumatraverse.

The rainforests are being destroyed by PalmCorp. Work together with other Tangs to disrupt logging operations, dismantle palm oil plantations and help rejuvenate the natural habitat.

  • * Own a Tang to get involved.
  • * Send your Tangs out on missions in the rainforest map to Disrupt, Dismantle and Rejuvenate.
  • * Earn tokens by completing missions and helping to save the rainforest. (Yep, token coming soon)
  • * Buy upgrades, powerups and food to help your Tangs on their missions.
  • * Form tribes with other Tangs to complete harder missions and share the rewards. It's a Famatang thang, Tang Tang!
  • * Level up your Tangs by completing missions, increase your stats to complete harder objectives. Rise up the leaderboards and increase your prizes / earnings.


How many Babatangs will there be?
There will be 5555 unique handcrafted Babatangs created. We have other exciting things in the pipeline that we will share with you in the near future.
What is the price of minting a Tang?
Mint price – TBC
Will there be a pre-sale?
There won’t be. All tangs are equal
Is there a limit to how many I can mint?
No – Mint as many as you want
Where can I check the rarity chart?
We will be adding a section to our website after mint.
Wen mint?
November - TBC
Where mint?
It will be on our website. Keep an eye on the announcements channel for the exact link and beware of scams.
What wallet can I use for the minting?
We recommend using Phantom https://phantom.app/
Buy SOL on an exchange and send it to your wallet's public address.
Will there be an aftermarket?
Yes! We will be up and ready after mint.
How can I help Babatangs?
Babatangs help Orangutans. Tell your friends about the Tangs, check out the charities we will contribute to and help us spread further. We are open to suggestions.